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part 9, flyers and shiz, and the bird and the worm video.


I wasn't frightened of the box until now. But there was still something mesmerizing and calming about it. I sensed that it was attempting to communicate with me. If only I was friends with C3PO, who can translate 6 million dialects, perhaps he can speak "weird box"? I continued to stare at the box in admiration, finally curious as to what was inside, beyond the living surface. Finally curious as to WHO brought it. Finally curious as to WHY it was given to me. Finally curious if I should be worried that some of that pink mystery-shit got on my hands and clothes. I would guess "yes" to the latter, but I'd worry about that later.
The surface of the box had changed. Fuck, maybe it HADN'T. I hate the fact that sometimes I think I am more observant than I really am. Maybe the cardboard exterior ALWAYS felt like skin, but because I never associated cardboard with skin, maybe I passed it over. Either way, the box's surface was no longer corrugated, recycled, coarse paper stock. It was an organ. And the more I looked at it, the more I noticed living qualities about it. Tiny pores and imperfections were dominant throughout all sides. Scattered, minute hairs. When it breathed, I could see almost invisible veins waxing and waning like a sped up time-lapse of a crescent moon. And the marking on the box was, indeed, a marking, but not in the usual sense of alcohol-based stencil marking ink. It looked like…yah, it was a tattoo.
The packaging tape that was clumsily adhered to its skin from who-knows-how-long-ago was practically begging to be ripped off. Its slightly upturned corners flirting with my urge to tear it off. However, part of me felt like the pain of getting a couple of layers of tape torn apart from its skin and hair would cause it to let out a deafening scream from its tape-made mouth.
I decided I would be careful, as I didn't want to hurt it, but I was going to open it…



You can get good looking stickers at a place like Kinkos, get your design ready, ask for sticker paper, (like Crack n Peel) and then just copy it onto the paper. Each copy will cost less than $1.00 and you can get around 16 stickers out of each page depending on the size of your sticker design.


For poster making, get your image ready in black and white then blow it up with a copier or projector as large as you desire, then reproduce the design on xerox. You can also try silk screening or printing but it's way more expensive. Silk screening requires screens, photo emulsion and ink. Offset printing is pretty convenient for runs over 500 units but it's also expensive. For all of you interested in making and pasting your own posters, the easiest way to paste is to buy wheat paste (try All in Onebrand) also called wall paper paste at your nearest hardware store it will cost around $2.00 - $5.00 a box, you'll need a big brush (4" or 6") and a bucket, soak surface, place the poster then brush the poster hard enough to avoid bubbles. You can also MAKE paper paste from scratch for practically FREE!

Click here for instructions on how to make paste.

download chadam face flyer here

download black hand flyer here

download chadam lives flyer here

download chadam shadow flyer here

I hope I'm not the only one who laughed out loud at "Click here for instructions on how to make paste."

The video for The Bird and the Worm is out next Tuesday on MTV2. Watch and see if Chadam is gonna be in the video!
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