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chadam posted a new blog with an FAQ. he talked a bit and answered a lot of questions, it makes for a very interesting read.


When I first put up my profile here, though I hoped for a lot, I didn't expect much. To stand out in a pool of a hojillion fish when you are also just a fish is a hard thing to do, and though I have a lot more ground to break and a lot more friends to make before I do justice to the promise I made to myself before I started this page. I simply wanted to start an original way to tell a story online, bit by bit, and be able to share that story with a growing network of new people that I didn't know, and who didn't know me. And with all of your help, I have been able to do all of the above in a way that I never thought possible, even though its only been a couple weeks. Since the beginning I have received a ton of questions about myself, and about who I am, and about whats my "purpose", etc. I don't answer a lot of these questions, not because I want to be secretive or because I don't have an answer, or because I hate getting asked that, it's simply because I wanted to see if I can make a good impression STRICTLY on mystery, storytelling, and some cool photos of myself, so I avoided those questions. I liked the fact that you were interested enough to ask questions. Its hard not to respond to stuff that I appreciate. If I shared everything right off the bat, though, there would be nothing to look forward to. And in order to stand out in a place where everyone and their dog has a myspace profile, I had to approach it a little differently (not that I am at all the first to use myspace as a way to encourage my own creativity). There is a line in the movie "Se7en" where John Doe says "You can't just tap people on the shoulder to get their attention anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer." Well, this profile, including the blogs, the pics, etc, is my "sledgehammer". Granted, it's a little slower and less dangerous, but I used it as my way to attempt to get your attention. I would love to slowly add to the mystery of who I am, or what my "purpose" is, or why I think anyone should even help me spread my "disease", and continue disregarding the questions and the comments that people are leaving.
But it comes down to this. There is a point, and I realize it, that people lose interest in things if you keep them shrouded in mystery for too long. Especially if you are asking them to help a cause or a belief that they are kept in the dark about. Why would anyone want to help out a cause they are not even being TOLD why they are doing it? So finally (even though its been only 2 weeks) I am answering a bunch of your questions by interviewing myself. Hopefully you will still like me after this interview, but if you don't it's ok, as I will continue to tell my story and I will enjoy doing so. And if you haven't even read my blogs or looked at my profile until now, maybe it will make sense when you do. So, enjoy, and I will see you when I put up part 13, later tonight…

Q: How do you pronounce your name?
A: Cha-dum, like Chad and Adam put together.

Q: Who are you? I don't get it.
A: My name is Chadam, and I am hopefully an inspiration to your imagination. You don't need to "get" something to be inspired or intrigued by it.

Q: Where did you come from, and what do you have to do with "The Used"?
A: I was "created" by an artist named Alex Pardee, CW Mihlberger, AND the members of The Used, as a visual and abstract icon that would add another dimension to their (The Used's) new music. According to them (both the Used and Alex), they thought that if they can create a character that would be the embodiment of their new music, and fill it with the emotion, the passion, creativity and the mystery that they all share, it would give fans, and even non-fans, an additional aspect of the music. And, in addition, they would give that character things that have never been given to an iconic "mascot" in the music world before. Namely, a personality, a STORY, a background, and an entire UNIVERSE to exist in. That character became ME.

Q: So, youre just a gimmick to advertise their new album? Why should I give a shit about helping a big company advertise?
A: No, I am not just a gimmick. I DO appear on the cover of their new album and in the packaging, and in some of the advertising, but I am much more than that. I have existed (as I was "created") before the new album was written, and I will exist after this album as well. I am not asking to just help advertise. I am hoping that I will inspire you to simply get INVOLVED in something that is new in an industry where everything is similar.

Q: So I ask again, why do you need OUR help?
A: I ask for your help because some people have had a harder time believing in me and my universe. Once I was created by Alex, Bert, Jeph, Quinn, Dan, and CW, I was immediately told that YOU GUYS wouldn't "Get it". However, Alex and the members of the Used fought and fought to expand my world and to get support in bringing me out to you guys and begin sharing my stories, experiences while the new album was being written and recorded. Alex worked and lived with the band for 7 months, and together they created a world with the sole purpose of giving it to YOU in addition to their new music with the hopes that it would inspire imagination in even ONE of their fans. So basically, together, though yes, a major label has done an amazing job with helping the Used get their story out there, I need YOUR help to get MINE out there, and to hopefully use YOUR imagination to inspire OTHER PEOPLE'S imaginations, and eventually, this world and this industry will spawn a renaissance of original ideas. And I am not stating that I am the most original idea out there, but hopefully, I can be part of the spark that IGNITES the most original idea ever.

Q: How many parts to your story, or is it just never gonna end and we are never going to find out anything?
A: THIS particular story will end within a few weeks. Im not exactly sure how many parts there will be, but it WILL have an end. And also, a new beginning, as I will continue to share more and more stories with you as time passes. Hopefully you will continue to want to follow my adventures.

Q: So youre not going to just stop when the album comes out?
A: No, I was created to be a constant entity, and to constantly evolve, live, and explore a universe I am discovering just as you are.

Q: Is the BIRD AND THE WORM about YOU?
A: Not directly, though a lot of the personality and the emotion that is portrayed in that song has become a large part of who I am, what I represent, and the stories that I tell. The new album, though it is not at all a "concept" album, is, as Bert has described it, loosely about running away from something that is bigger than you, and a lot of the feelings and poetry that is spread throughout the album fits my experiences and my emotions that have been injected in me by my creators.

Q: Are you gonna be in the new video for Bird and the Worm!?
A: Unfortunately, no. But if I get enough response and help from you guys, hopefully I will show up in future videos, and possibly more. I need you more than you know. However, I have seen the video and Lisa Mann (the director) did an amazing job at capturing the emotion of that song, and it's awesome.

Q: How can I help spread your story and show support?
A: Simply talk about me to other people. I know that sounds vain, but I think it's a great start. Put me in your top 8, send people to my blog to read my story. Print out the flyers on the page and put them up. Draw me on your t-shirt. Write letters to the record label showing your support. Make icons, make music, draw, write your own adventures of me and send them to people, dress up like me so people HAVE to ask about it. Be creative, there are so many ways you can help. And trust me, I, THE USED, and Alex ALL appreciate it a TON. We can't reach the level we want to reach without your help.

Q: So who is in those pictures, and why do you have a box on your head. I want to see your FACE!
A: I AM in the pictures, and I don't have a box on my head….im just shaped weird. I'm sorry. That IS my face.

Q: Who writes all the blog entries?
A: I can't tell you EVERYTHING yet…besides, does it really matter?

I hope this answers some of your questions, and I hope this doesn't deter you from wanting to help support something that I believe in more than anything I have ever believed in in my life. Thank you for everything.


love. we should start a street team, y/n? i'm planning on handing chadam flyers out at the my chem concert i'm attending tomorrow. :]
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