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chadamlives's Journal

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Chadam is a character created by Alex Pardee, and is somehow related to the new Used CD, Lies for the Liars. Not much is known about him but he does have a myspace, and a blog that he posts his story in. He wrote an FAQ to answer questions you might have. He is on the cover of The Used's new CD as well as the single The Bird and the Worm. This community is for fans of Chadam, his story, and Alex Pardee. Post icons, graphics, fan art, new pictures, and theories about Chadam!

1) Please do NOT post asking "omg what is chadam? he's so scary!"
2) Look back a few pages before you post to see that what you wnt to post hasn't been posted recently.
3) Use an lj-cut for large images. Don't know what this is/how to do it? Look here.
4) Don't promote your communities here.

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