♪♬let it play♪♬. (hearts_stars_xo) wrote in chadamlives,
♪♬let it play♪♬.

ok we all know [or do we?] that Chadam is the worm from The Bird and the Worm. makes sense. look at the first line of the song: he wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack. and then look at this part from Chadam's first blog: people exaggerate and claim that they can see their heart beating ferociously out of their chests, pushing their skin out like a cartoon when they are scared, or excited, or when they catch Zoe kissing Stan in the back of the video store. Well…screw those people. Because its not just my heart that I could see trying to escape. then this lyric: all alone, he turns to stone while holding his breath half to death. terrified of what's inside, to save his life, he crawls like a worm from a bird. part of his blog: It was my lungs, my stomach, heck, sometimes I even saw the forms of chewed potato chips poking out through my throat as gravity and muscle contractions force them to descend to the hell that is my intestines. And it wasn't just when I was scared. It was when I was awake... and since Chadam is so mysterious and hard to understand, this lyric makes sense too. shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple the heart and devour the soul. . his story fits the song perfectly and i like that he is gonna be in the video. Chadam fascinates me, but i hope that he doesnt have something to do with every song...cause that would make it a concept album and that would make Bert a liar and Bert hates liars and then Bert would hate himself. haha i dunno what i'm saying.

i know Alex Pardee created him, but do you think he's the man behind the blogs? i've also heard that it's CW...
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